RC Receivers & Transmitters

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RC Receivers and Transmitters

Get your remote controlled vehicles working to the best of their abilities with RC receivers and transmitters. Whether you need a replacement or are looking for an upgrade, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

A standard model is the Futaba T6L Sport transmitter and receiver set. This set is great for entry-level RC enthusiasts. The Futaba T6L comes with six channels, the Futaba T-FHSS Air system, a built-in antenna and a rotary dial. This base model gives you everything you need without going overboard on accessories and add-ons.

For a classic design, go with the ET1105 Etronix Pulse radio set. The classic gun design is a fan-favourite, especially amongst RC car hobbyists. Three channels come as a standard and the box includes the transmitter and receiver, letting you pair this model with your favourite RC vehicle.

If you don’t need a receiver, it makes it less expensive to buy a transmitter on its own. The FrSky Taranis Q X7 in black is of extremely high build quality and gives you everything you need in order to have a full immersive and controlled RC experience.

For a more complex technology that is better suited to serious RC lovers, choose DSM technology. This will mean you won’t have any issues, such as cross-receiving, that can happen with traditional radio technologies if somebody nearby is using the same frequencies as you.

DSM radios take a little more set up than traditional radios but once it is all set up, you should be able to use software that helps to prevent collision and eliminate interference on your frequency. You can also get additional accessories that can time your laps and tell you how much battery life you have left.

Most transmitters and receivers can be fitted to a range of different models and vehicles, letting you use your favourite transmitter to control your RC car and helicopter.