Shower Caps

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Keep Your Hair Dry During Bathing Using a Shower Cap

Shower caps are lightweight, convenient garments for keeping your hair dry or in its proper place when you need to bathe but don't have time to deal with a wet head. You will find a broad range of affordable shower caps in various colours and styles for sale on eBay. Understanding a bit about the most common types of shower caps in the UK can help you choose the right one to fit your needs.

Choosing materials for your shower caps

The materials in a shower cap are usually connected to how you plan to use it. Different versions of the glamorous shower caps on eBay have certain intended uses that you might find convenient. Here are some of the materials you will come across for these caps:

  • Cloth: If you don't plan to submerge your head beneath the water at all, then you may want to choose a soft cloth shower cap made from cotton blends. You can also switch to a cloth cap after your shower if you need to wrap it.
  • Plastic: This is the standard option for shower caps. The plastic creates a waterproof barrier that keeps your hair dry and allows you to put your face or scalp under the stream without worrying about getting a wet head.
Can you get shower caps in different designs?

Yes, you can find new and used shower caps in various festive designs for sale on eBay. You may be familiar with the plain caps that have a clear top and ruffled elastic edges, but you can also find designs or patterns that make the covering more personal or unique for you. If you prefer bright, colourful graphics, then you can get a shower cap that shows spots, stripes, or fun animal shapes. If you would like a covering that is a bit more decorative and stylish, then you can choose a cap that doubles as a thick wrap that you can wear around your head. Wraps with elastic edges stretch to fit your needs, and other kinds of caps have sizes listed in UK measurements. See the manufacturer's site for details.

Purchasing protective caps

If you need to get a covering for your small child and still want to be able to wash their hair, then you can choose from shower caps in the UK that are designed with kids in mind. These caps sport fun colours or characters that small children might enjoy. They work like a visor to protect the child's eyes from water or shampoo, but the top portion of the caps are open to help you wash the hair.