Swimming Inflatables

Swimming Inflatables

Swimming inflatables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs, but all have the same purpose - to enhance your experience in the water. Inflatable accessories are ideal for use in the swimming pool or sea and while some are tailored specifically for infants and children, others are more suitable for teenagers and adults.

Children's Swimming Inflatables

The range of children's swimming inflatables is extensive and includes everything from swimming armbands to inflatable rings, both of which can help little ones improve their confidence in the water. Styles vary, but many inflatables are brightly coloured and feature well-known characters from popular films and cartoons.

Other swimming inflatables for kids include blow up boats, loungers and surf boards. Ride on animals are also popular with designs including everything from dolphins and whales to ducks, sharks, crocodiles and flamingos. Inflatable safari animals such as giraffes, zebras and frogs are also commonplace, as are dinosaurs.

Many swimming inflatables include grip handles which help with balance as well as additional features such as headrests and cup holders. Inflatables can be bought individually or as part of a set which typically includes inflatable items of a specific theme.

Swimming Inflatables for Adults

While inflatables for children often act as buoyancy aids allowing infants to kick their legs without going under, swimming inflatables for adults tend to be used for relaxation purposes. With rubber rings, adults can either slip inside the ring and rest their arms on the outside, or sit in the ring and balance on top while holding onto the support handles. Rubber rings come in many different colours and fun designs.

PVC inflatable lounge beds and chairs are also ideal for the summer months. They're easy to blow up manually or with a pump and provide a comfortable place to relax whilst in the water. They come in a variety of bright colours and often include headrests and armrests for maximum comfort.

Many floats also double up as poolside or beach chairs for optimum convenience and hassle free fun. Without air, inflatables are also nice and compact making them ideal travel companions.

Swimming Inflatable Toys

As well as inflatables you can climb into or ride on, there's also a host of inflatable toys that make water play even more fun such as blow up balls and paddling pools. Inflatable drink holders are also popular with most designs having the room to hold cups, beer cans and bottles.