Warhammer 40K Miniatures

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Warcraft 40K Miniatures

Warhammer 40,000, often referred to as Warhammer 40k, is a tabletop war role playing game with miniature figures.

Since its creation over 30 years ago, there has been a huge range of different versions and adaptations to enjoy. Each game has its own figures and armies, with the latest edition featuring Space Marines, Imperial Knights, Daemons and Necrons.

Paints and Accessories

Players collect their own armies of figures, often painting and accessorising them in elaborate detail. Warcraft 40k paints, figure bases, weapons and other accessories are available on eBay to help create unique playing pieces for each individual’s collection.

The figures all tend to be around 28mm (1.1inch) high and can represent soldiers and fighting vehicles or monsters and sorcerers.


Warcraft 40k spares such as extra dice for game play, spare heads, limbs, weapons and transfers are also available on eBay to help maintain your game set in the best possible condition through repeated battles.


Basic plastic Warcraft 40K figures start at just a few pence on eBay, while custom painted specialist figures can cost hundreds of pounds. Similarly, starter sets can be acquired quite cheaply, while full Warcraft 40k armies will cost significantly more.

You’ll find everything you need to start playing this hugely popular game on eBay, from Warcraft 40k miniatures to rule books and other Warcraft publications.


The game is set in a dystopian science fantasy future and one of the key elements of the game is the terrain on which it is played. Players can create their own terrain boards, with Warcraft 40k terrain elements available on eBay to embellish the playing area and enhance the game.

Complete Warcraft 40k terrain boards are also available complete with bunkers, buildings and vegetation.

Whether you are new to the world of Warcraft 40k miniatures or an established regular player, eBay will be sure to keep your armies on the march.