Bike Storage & Stands

Bike Storage Stands

Bike storage stands come in a range of designs for different types and sizes of bike and offer the rider different methods of storing the bicycle safely when not in use.

Wall Mounted Bike Stands

Wall mounts are designed to attach to the wall, most commonly in a garage or shed, allowing the bike to be hung up out of the way. There are different features available, including folding wall mounts, which can be pushed flush against the wall when not in use for space saving. Wall mounts are available in different sizes to accommodate one, or multiple, bikes.

Wall mounts are typically made of metal and attach to the wall using screws and wall plugs. Many have rubber or plastic sleeves/coating over the metal to protect against scratching.

Ceiling Mounts

The design of a ceiling mount is similar to a wall mount, except that it is secured to the ceiling for higher storage in confined areas.

Storage Hooks

Storage hooks are also wall mounted but tend to be a simpler hook design and lack the folding feature of the wall mount. The hooks can be used to hang the bike horizontally, or where space is limited, to hang the bike vertically.

The hooks are made of metal, coated with protective rubber or plastic to protect against scratching and are attached to the wall using screws and wall plugs. They can be fitted to any solid wall and some models have an adjustable hook angle for weight distribution. The load capacity of storage hooks is typically up to 30kg.

Floor Stands

A floor stand bolts into the floor of a garage or shed, or even onto an outside driveway or patio. Typically made of galvanised steel, most models resist rust and are a long-term solution to bike storage.

Floor stands are available for single or multiple bikes, with some models providing space for up to 5 bikes to be stored at the same time. Locks can be used to secure the bike to the stand for added security.