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Hot Wheels Diecast Vehicles

Hot Wheels diecast vehicles are one of the most iconic brands of toy cars available. With the oldest models dating all the way back to the 1960s, generations of children have had fun playing with Hot Wheels model cars. Famous models include everything from the Delorean, F1 cars and British classics like the Mini Cooper and many are now the perfect item for collectors across the globe.

There are so many items to choose from in the collection of Hot Wheels diecast vehicles that it’s worth having some idea at least of what type of vehicle you want to invest in. Typically with the Hot Wheels range, you can select anything from regular and sports cars all the way through to ships, trucks and motorbikes.

Iconic cars in the collection include imitations of everything from cars made famous by the popular franchise The Fast & The Furious through to the famous Ghostbusters vehicle. This is alongside classic models of brands such as BMW Mini, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and more.

If you’re looking for sports cars or F1 replicas then keep your eye out for special collections and limited editions - often those associated with a particular driver get snapped up in a hurry by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

In the range of other Hot Wheels diecast vehicles you’ll find popular items like Star Wars space ships, Tomahawk motorcycles and even school buses.

Other helpful tips for buying Hot Wheels diecast vehicles includes ensuring that you know what size and scale model you are looking for, and whether it contains the authentic details that you may want such as miniature wiring and hoses or even working hoods, doors and trunks. The most detailed and valuable models will often include working lights and other extras that make them all the more compelling as an investment.