Matrix Diecast Vehicle


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Matrix Diecast Vehicle

Matrix produce high quality scale model vehicles for a variety of collectors and car enthusiasts. When selecting a Matrix diecast vehicle, you will see that every single one is made using precise diecast mould techniques.

Matrix capture every detail of some of the greatest vehicle designs ever released onto the road. Finished to an equally high standard with extremely attractive paint styles, Matrix diecast vehicles can take pride of place within any collection or on any car fan's shelf.

Notable carmakers and impressive designs

There are a huge range of beautiful Matrix creations to choose from, with a multitude of car brands, types and designs to consider. Car types recreated to scale include everything from family cars to luxury sports cars and powerful, performance cars.

Models of highly desirable luxury cars can be found including Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce and many more. For other famous and stylish brands, look out for Matrix models based on cars designed by Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ghia and Mercedes. All of the car brands listed, with many others besides, are all available in the form of Matrix models.

Classic cars and modern cars

Matrix have modelled their diecast cars on every generation of vehicles from vintage classics to contemporary, modern designs which were released in recent years. Cars from the 1950s and earlier have been produced along with new cars and everything in between. When it comes to the range of items which Matrix have produced, collectors of model classic cars will be as happy as collectors of modern cars.

Sealed, boxed, and deluxe editions

For individuals who are looking for a particularly special Matrix model, those which are sealed or come with their original boxes or display cases can be found. There are also deluxe editions around featuring specially released items, which will greatly enhance any model car collection.