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Enjoy the Classic Elegance of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches have been synonymous with class and style for over a hundred years. With both men's and women's styles available, these timepieces make excellent gifts for a loved one - or for yourself if you just want to treat yourself to something special. Look on eBay for Rolex watches for sale, and bring this timeless elegance to your wrist.

Styles of Rolex watch

With over a century of history, the Rolex brand has a huge number of styles and designs available. Before you start the quest for your perfect timepiece, you'll want to know something about the most common materials used in Rolex watches.

  • Oystersteel is a type of steel that is resistant to corrosion and has a high shine ability. It is sometimes used alongside gold. This two-toned style is called Rolesor.
  • There are different types of gold used by Rolex. Yellow gold and white gold are both frequently used in models, while the unique Everose Gold features copper and silver added to the formula for an unusually warm, rose-tinted colour.
  • Platinum, when used by Rolex, is always 950 platinum. This high-concentration alloy has been altered with a small amount of ruthenium, which makes it stronger and shinier.
  • Precious stones are common in Rolex designs. Diamonds are the most frequently used jewel, but other gemstones are used in a variety of Rolex models.
Rolex watch clasp designs

There are two kinds of clasp used by Rolex. The most common, known as the Oysterclasp or Oysterlock, has a double locking mechanism for an exceptionally secure finish. The Crownclasp or Crownlock is more frequently seen on Rolex watches for women. This delicate lock is designed to look invisible and will blend effortlessly in with the surrounding metal of the strap.

Are Rolex sports watches available?

Yes. There are sporty models of Rolex watches for men and women, with some key differences from the brand's classic line. Generally, sports watches are fully waterproof and feature the Cerachrom bezel display. Unique to Rolex, Cerachrom blocks UV rays from damaging the watch, and is scratch-proof, making it a good choice for sporting activities.

Can Rolex watches be adapted to size?

Yes. Some watches contain in-built size adapters. Easylink allows you to expand a watch strap by up to 5 mm, which is great if you have swollen wrists, on a flight or in a similar pressurised environment. Glidelock gives extensions of up to 20 mm. That's enough to fit over a wetsuit, making it useful for sports. You'll know that your watch fits you correctly if the clasp is sitting right at the middle of your wrist.