Cat Food

Cat Food

Cats are strictly carnivores and differ from dogs in their nutritional requirements.  As such, they need animal based proteins, such as meat and less of the vegetables or plant based proteins. 

Dry cat food is often more plant based whilst wet cat food is more animal based so a cat will need a balance for a healthy diet.

Types of food

There are three types of cat food available in the pet food industry:

  • Dry or kibble cat food usually found in bags or boxes, but contains only 3 10% of water.  
  • Wet cat food usually sold in cans or pouches which contain around 60 80% water. Contains more protein, fat and water than other types of cat food and is more palatable.
  • Semi moist/pouch cat food similar to dry or kibble food but has a higher water content, usually up to 35%. Usually sourced in pouches but can be found in bigger bags.

Benefits of cat food

The benefits of feeding your cat wet food:

  • Lower in carbohydrates than dry or semi moist cat food
  • High in protein content and very digestible
  • Lower in calories
  • High water content to help increase their water intake
  • Easy to store in a cool, dry place.  Once opened, refrigerate and use within 24 hours

The benefits of feeding your cat dry food:

  • Convenient to use and easy to store in a cool, dry place
  • Low in moisture and can be left out for cats to eat freely
  • Higher in energy nutrients than wet or semi moist cat food
  • Dental health benefits

Benefits of feeding your cat semi moist food:

  • Convenient to use and easy to store in a cool, dry place
  • More palatable than dry cat food
  • Higher water content than dry cat food
  • Dental health benefits

Choosing the right cat food

  • Ensure the cat food you select is right for your pet’s age, whether kitten, adult or senior
  • The food for your cat should contain the right nutritional needs depending on protein, calories and digestibility
  • Avoid fillers such as wheat, rice, colourings, sugars, flavours and artificial preservatives
  • Ensure the cat food you select is of a high quality and add variety to the cat’s diet

Top Products in Cat Food

  • Wet Cat Food Adult Whiskas 1 Cats Mixed Selection in Gravy 84 Pouches 84x100g
  • Whiskas 7 Wet Cat Food for Senior Cats Poultry Selection in Jelly 120 Pouches
  • 120 X Whiskas 1 Cat Food Pouches Mixed Selection in Jelly Chicken Duck 100g
  • Go cat Adult Cat Dry Food Complete Crunchy and Tender Beef 800g Case of 4
  • Whiskas 7+ Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Senior Cat Food Pouch 100g X 84
  • SHEBA Fine Flakes Fish Collection in Jelly Cat Food Pouches 40 X 85g
  • James Wellbeloved Adult Complete Dry Cat Food Turkey 10kg X 2 20kg
  • Felix as Good It Looks Fish Selection in Jelly 40x100g
  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dry Cat Food 3.5kg
  • Sheba 366059 Pouches in Jelly Mixed Cat Food