Cat Treats

Cat Treats 

Premium quality treats make a great snack choice for your feline. These tasty, flavour packed treats complement your cat’s well balanced diet and provide additional vitamins and minerals for optimal health. They are also an ideal way to reward good behaviour. 

Why should you give your cat treats?

  • Dietary benefits - supplementing your cat’s diet with treats is a good way to ensure your pet receives the nutrition and benefits that they may not get from their foodalone
  • Dental - help to remove excess tartar from your cat’s teeth. Dental sticks can help reduce gingivitis and are the ideal treat to give to a cat that prefers a diet of soft wet food 

How to choose the right treats for your cat

  • Age factors - the age of your cat will determine the right type of treat that you should offer as a reward for good behaviour
  • Kittens - lively young kittens need treatsthat contain high levels of protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous for proper growth
  • Adult  - a full-grown adult cat needs to feast on the right balance of proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and oils
  • Senior  - older cats are less active and have a slower metabolism than adult cats, meaning they can pile on excess weight much quicker. Specially formulated treats ensure that you give your feline the perfect high-protein, vitamin enriched snacks

Different types of cat treats

  • Dry - crunchy dry snacks have a longer shelf life than other types of treats. The textured treat requires more active chewing, which is beneficial for the health of your cat’s teeth 
  • Soft - available in a variety of flavours, soft chews are ideal for kittens and junior cats. Soft chews are particularly suitable for felines with sensitive digestion
  • Chewy - soft chew sticks are easy to feed and can be cut down to bite size pieces