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Bike Stabilisers

When you have a child who is learning to ride a bike for the very first time, stabilisers are a must-have. They help to keep the bike from tipping over and as the name suggests, stabilize the bike. Stabilisers are a great way to get an idea of riding a bike but in a completely safe way. Bike stabilisers are available in a huge range of different sizes and they are also available in different colours.

Clip-On Stabilisers

Clip-on stabilisers are ideal if you want to give your child the support they need when they are outside. Clip-on stabilisers can be attached in a matter of seconds and they can also be taken off with ease as well. They do not provide as much support when compared to screw-on stabilisers however and can detach if your child goes over a bump or if they hit a pothole.

Screw-On Stabilisers

Screw-on stabilisers are the most readily available. They attach via a screw and a bracket. It only takes around 10 minutes to fit them and they're angled to provide support for the bike. Different stabilisers are available for different sizes of bike, however, the universal size is 12”-20”. Universal stabilisers are usually white in colour with a black tyre rim, with the tyre being made out of hard durable plastic instead of rubber.

Stabilisers, unlike tyres, do not require inflation and do not have an inner tube either. They are made to provide support and they are incredibly long-lasting. It is also possible to adjust the height of the stabilisers however this is only the case if you have a stabiliser set that has a vertical bar as opposed to an angled bar. With a vertical bar stabiliser set, you can insert the screw anywhere up the bar and when fastened in place, it will provide you with the stability you need.

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