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Pocket Watches

The ideal accessory for achieving the vintage look of a dapper gentleman or elegant lady, pocket watches were traditionally found in a man's waistcoat pocket, or on a chain for women. These timepieces are a must for achieving the Victorian-inspired Steampunk trend.

The majority of pocket watches found on the market are antique or vintage as they were more commonly worn from the 16th century until the First World War, when soldiers discovered wristwatches were more practical to wear in the trenches. Pocket watches are still made today and are popular among people who follow Steampunk fashion, which is inspired by the Victorian way of dress.

There are several types of pocket watch to choose from and the style can determine how you choose to wear it. An open face pocket watch does not have a cover to protect the dial and most have a pendant at the 12 and a sub-second dial found at the 6.

The full hunter pocket watch was developed to provide an outer casing which protects the dial. This cover open and closes on a hinge and it can be ornate or engraved.

A half hunter pocket watch has a cover with a glass panel or a hole so the owner can read the time without opening it.

The double hunter has a case which opens at the front and the back so both the dial and the mechanical movement of the watch can be seen. The double half hunter pocket watch also opens at the front and back, but there is a window on the front lid so that the dial is visible.

Today pocket watches are often made in a skeleton style, so the mechanical movement of the watch can be seen through the dial which can either be transparent or will have a hole to see through.

Pocket watches have one of two types of movement. Quartz movement means the watch is powered by a battery which will last about two years. Mechanical movement watches need to be wound up by hand. Metals used to make pocket watches include solid gold and stainless steel and they can also be gold plated. Popular makes of pocket watch include Elgin, Waltham and Omega.

Pocket watches are traditionally attached to a chain and secured to a waistcoat, lapel or belt hook. A woman's watch is typically worn around the neck as the pendant to a chain, often a slide chain. Alternatively both men and women can opt to wear their wristwatch on a ribbon-style chain which attaches to a button or belt.