Bicycle Pumps

Get Your Bicycle Pump on eBay

If you're a casual, extreme, or off-roading biker, it is important to have a pump for your tyres. Casual bikers may want a simpler pump whereas more competitive riders may need one with accurate details. No matter which type of biker you are, you can find the right new or used pump for your needs on eBay at an affordable price in a variety of different colours.

Manual versus electric

The manual pumps are typically less expensive and take longer to inflate to the proper level. The benefit is that you can use them anywhere because you do not need electricity to power them. The manual pumps operate by pushing air through the hose and into the tyre. These devices can be pumped by hand or by foot. The foot pumps allow you to use larger muscles to get the work done faster.

Electric pumps can pump faster than manual pumps and typically have more detailed information about inflation. The included gauge will give you exact measurements, so you won't need a separate gauge to calculate the proper inflation level.

There are many types of manual and electric pumps for sale, like:

  • CO2 inflator
  • Floor and track
  • Frame-fit
  • Suspension
What types of valves are available?

You can choose from some valves that are unspecified, but there are also three valves that you may be familiar with that can be customised to your specific tyres. These are Dual, Presta, and Schrader. These valves have been manufactured to fit specific tyres, so you should research carefully to find the right ones. You may even be able to find an adapter that will fit a variety of tyres.

Which companies produce these bicycle pumps for sale on eBay?

You can check that the pump you want has been produced by one of the leading manufacturers. These companies often produce only these types of products, so you can expect that the pump can be used for your specific purposes.

Some of the companies that make these products are:

  • Beto
  • Giyo
  • Lezyne
  • Raleigh
  • SKS
Take the pump with you

There are some great ways to make sure that you always have a pump with you while you're out biking. Some of the manual types of pumps can be directly attached to your bicycle, so you know you'll always have air available. Some pumps have an accessory that allows you to use the lighter socket in your vehicle as the source of energy.