DJ Equipment

A Guide to Buying Mobile Disco Equipment

Whether you are a DJ who needs to upgrade or replace your mobile disco kit, or a complete beginner who wants some DJ and disco stuff for a party or two, then eBay is the right place to turn with plenty on offer. All of the leading professional audio brands can be found as well as lots of well-maintained second-hand mobile DJ equipment. Everything you need for a mobile disco set up can be bid for or bought directly, but what do you need to know about the sort of disco equipment that is for sale?

What do you need to run a mobile disco?

You can run a mobile disco operation with surprisingly few pieces of equipment. Most mobile DJs start off with the basics and then add to their set up as time goes on. That often means upgrading as well as buying more, which is why the used market on eBay for DJ equipment is so strong. The essentials are:

  • DJ decks - You can use vinyl turntables, CDJ players or even a pair of MP3 players.
  • A mixer unit - This is the piece of equipment that allows you to fade between different audio sources.
  • Mobile disco lights - No party is complete without some.
  • Public address (PA) speakers - Something that offers a good level of bass is preferable.
  • Amplification - Otherwise no one will hear what you play.
Should you opt for active or passive speakers?

A mobile disco PA will often come with active speakers these days. These are convenient and easy to use once you have mounted them on speaker stands, but they need to be powered independently because they have an internal amp. Alternatively, passive speakers just need to be plugged into the audio source, usually supplied from your set up's mixer via a power amplifier. Either way, buy them in pairs so you can create a stereo sound at your disco.

How many channels should a DJ mixer console have?

For most mobile discos, a two-channel mixer is enough. This is because you will often only want to mix between two audio sources, perhaps a pair of DJ turntables. If you are planning on layering sound - for example, by playing beat loops simultaneously over a CD - then you may need a four-channel mixer, something that tends to be preferred by performance DJs.