Tattoo Machines

The Tattoo Artists' Toolbox: Finding Tattoo Machines and Parts

When you're running a tattoo shop, you'll need lots of machinery. You'll also need all the additional tools needed for inking clients. To add to your collection, browse eBay so you can find affordable bottles of color, worktables, chairs, and a heavy supply of tattooing machines.

Brands of tattoo guns

Whether you need a rotary or a coil machine, there is a large inventory of new and used tattoo guns to choose from on eBay.

You may be aware that the rotary tattoo gun is a quieter machine; it's powered by a delicate rotating needle that is more gentle on the skin than the coil gun. The coil gun is an aggressive machine. It buzzes loudly, hammering ink into the skin. It represents the classic machine noise you expect to hear from a tattoo gun.

If you prefer specific brands, eBay has a variety to offer. Here's a short list:

  • Mickey Bee - British manufacturer
  • FK Irons - Iconic tattoo machine maker
  • Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo - High-precision design allows tattoo artist greater control and response
  • Borg - Unique, lightweight, single-piece frames
  • Dead Nuts - Southern California company that custom manufactures all its own hardware
Liners, shaders, and pneumatic machines

Besides the coil and rotary tattoo guns for sale, tattoo machine equipment, parts, and accessories are also available. You can find inexpensive liners, shaders, and pneumatic machines. Ink and replacement needles are for sale as well.

How much are tattoo guns worth?

A tattoo gun for sale on eBay can go for a variety of prices. If you're on a budget, search for the preowned tattoo guns. If you're willing to spend more, you can buy one new or go for a top brand. Tattoo gun prices also vary based on the features they offer.

How do you choose ink for your tattoo gun?

Ink should be an important component of your toolbox. With body art, color is a challenge. For people with light to medium complexions, you could consider using orange, green, and bright blue. For clients with darker skin, royal blue, bright red, and black are most effective. Of course, the design of choice may require weaker colors, so it's the client's decision.

If clients want to avoid ink that fades easily, they should know yellow, hot pink, and light green fade fastest. Darker colors are more resistant to fading. Also check out the list of ingredients when shopping for ink.