Cat Furniture & Scratchers

Cat Furniture and Scratchers

Cat furniture is designed to make your cat more comfortable, keep them happy, provide them with entertainment and decorate your home. 

A variety of cat furniture is available for cats of all different sizes and temperaments to enjoy and explore, from scratching posts to activity centres.


  • Scratching posts sturdy posts covered in a rough material, usually some sort of rope. They are mounted on a base which makes them more difficult to knock over, however big your cat is. Scratching posts come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, but the texture is always designed so that your cat will enjoy scratching it. Popular materials include corrugated cardboard and sisal. Often, there is a soft ball dangling from the post for your cat to play with
  • Scratching trees often combine several scratching posts in order to build a larger structure which your cat can climb. They often have platforms which allow your cat to perch or sleep in peace. A variety of colours and materials are available, so you can choose one to match your furniture
  • Activity Centres  combine the larger, scratching tree design with more opportunities for your cat to explore, climb, jump, perch or simply rest in private. Activity centres may have additional toys such as balls to play with, and can even be infused with catnip


  • Scratching is a very important part of a cat’s life: it allows them to mark territory and clean their claws
  • Scratching posts are particularly important for indoor cats because it prevents their claws from becoming too long and causing pain. However, all cats will also find them satisfying and useful for stretching
  • They are also useful for pet owners because they provide cats somewhere to scratch other than your furniture
  • Scratching trees and activity centres are useful for the same reason, but give your cat more to explore. Cats can be very private creatures, and giving yours their own hideout in which to rest alone will make them feel as if they have a peaceful retreat

Top Products in Cat Furniture & Scratchers

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