Camera Lens Boards

Camera Lens Boards

If you need to replace or find a new lens board, doing a quick search of camera lens boards will give you plenty of options. To get the right product for you, it's easiest to look at your options by the now universally accepted copal number, giving you standard sizes to work from.

Brands like Sinar, MPP, Linhof and Arca-Swiss are popular, but you can also find plenty of unbranded products. You can also shop new or used to suit your particular needs and budget.

Different types of camera lens boards

The smallest of all copal sizes, standard copal #0 boards are 34.6 mm in diameter. Typical products range from the Horseman genuine lens board panel for copal 0 compur 0 34.5mm hole, to the Cambo SC Monorail 10x8 5x4 lens board copal 0 34.7mm hole.

Check out the diameter of the hole before buying, along with the configuration, weight and camera size to ensure compatibility.

It's important to check for compatibility for all copal size boards. Configuration tends to be flat in most cases, but weight and camera size suitability can vary.

When you're looking at the next size up, copal #1 lens boards have a standard hole size of 41.6 mm. Some products are made for specific brands, like the Sinar Sinaron DB Shutter Lens Board Copal 1 with an adjustable aperture ring, and the Linhof III 3 6x9 Technika Lens board with 41.7mm compur 1 hole for 6 x 9 cm Linhof cameras.

When it comes to the biggest of the sizes, copal #3 lens boards measures 65 mm as standard. You'll find items like genuine Sinar F & P lens board panels with copal 3 65 mm hole, with a flat configuration, which is suitable for 4x5" cameras.

In addition, slightly varied sized lens boards such as the Linhof 45 Technika Lens board panel for compur copal 3 63.5mm hole can be fitted to your camera.