Photo Studio & Lighting Equipment

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Photo studio & lighting equipment for the perfect shots

Make sure that you're kitted out with all the right gear with photo studio and lighting equipment. From backdrops to lighting, there's something on eBay for all types of photographers, whether you're a professional or an amateur. 


Setting up a photo backdrop in your studio is imperative to taking high-quality pictures. Choose a simple cotton muslin backdrop with a seamless design, which helps by absorbing a good amount of light to stop reflection whilst offering a great colour saturation. Look out for a model that is 3m metres by 6 metres, the perfect size for portraits. 

Or, choose a backdrop that comes with a stand for a complete unit, perfect for those looking to kit out their studio for the first time. A green backdrop will let you add any effect via your computer, making for a truly customisable and diverse background. 

A black and a white screen also come in this package, giving you everything you need to take pictures. These screens come with an easy to assemble stand so you can set up straight away. 

Photo studio lighting equipment

Giving off a flattering amount of lighting, a studio LED ring light is perfect for portraits. The 12-inch ring light offers the perfect distribution of light, whilst the tripod allows you to stand this light wherever you want. 

A Godox LED white light lamp with a remote control function lets you create the perfect lighting in your studio with ease. Simply use the remote to adjust the brightness or colour temperature, giving you full control over your equipment. 

For those looking to kickstart their studio, an LED photo light set is perfect. This set of photography equipment offers an aluminium reflector, a soft light, a softbox, tripods and all the necessary accessories, just what you need to start shooting beautiful photos in high quality.