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Binoculars and Monoculars

Binoculars and monoculars give you the gift of sight, allowing you to see detail from a distance. Whether you enjoy bird watching or train spotting, a pair of binoculars or a monocular will ensure nothing passes you by.

If you like attending sporting events, the opera or concerts, binoculars or a monocular will ensure you have a great view no matter how high up your seats are.

Depending on how you wish to use your binoculars or monocular, there are thousands of options available. You'll find styles suitable for use at night time and in poor visibility or in everyday conditions. Choose from leading brands including ZEISS, Steiner, Celestron, PRAKTICA, Bushnell, Hawke, Eschenbach, BRESSER, PENTAX, and Nikon.


There are two main types of binocular optical design: porro prism and roof prism. Porro prism binoculars feature an ‘M' shaped design where the eyepiece and lens are in a straight line, while roof prism binoculars have a compact ‘H' shaped design and the eyepiece and lens don't line up.

Choose from a range of used and new compact, mid size and full size designs with different lens coatings to suit your specification. Various magnifications are available, from less than 8x to over 25x.

You'll find various special features, including camouflage and fog proof finishes to night vision and waterproof protection. Depending on how far your budget will stretch, some binoculars are also available with built in microphones and a zoom lens.


Monoculars are a blend of a telescope and pair of binoculars. For example, they can be waterproof and fog proof and offer the same magnification range as binoculars, from less than 8x to over 25x. A range of lens sizes is available from less than 20mm to over 35mm.

Where monoculars have the advantage over telescopes and binoculars is their lightweight and compact design which makes them easy to transport.

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