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Keep Your Favourite Clock Moving With the Right Mechanical Parts

Mechanical movement clocks are a great way to tell time in a classic format that doesn't rely on electronic readouts. Several clock mechanisms work in concert to allow your mechanical timepiece to function properly. You can find a wide assortment of mechanisms for mechanical clocks on eBay.

What parts can you get in a clock mechanism kit?

Your mechanical clock uses various components working in concert to function. eBay hosts several clock mechanism kits that include basic parts that are compatible with many of these timepieces. You can also purchase individual parts for your clock as necessary. Some of the most common clock mechanisms you will discover are:

  • Hands - Mechanical clocks include moving hands or arms for the hour, minute, and second parts.
  • Gaskets - Gaskets create a basic seal between two or more clock mechanisms.
  • Washer - If you need new nuts for your mechanical clock parts, a washer can distribute the load from the nut or act as a spacer.
What materials do clock mechanisms use?

Manufacturers can craft clock mechanisms from a variety of materials. You may wish to choose parts for your mechanical clock based on the material they use. Some materials may have properties you prefer or design elements that suit your tastes. In some cases, you may be able to purchase a clock mechanism kit that includes accessories made from several materials. A few of the most common materials for these mechanisms are:

  • Plastic - Plastic is a lightweight material that can take on several colours or shapes. If you would like to get clock hands in your choice of colours, this might be a good choice for you.
  • Metal - Metal can give you durable clock mechanisms that still retain the delicate appearance of your favourite timepiece. Aluminium is a common metal that should offer you a balance between weight and durability.
Can you get new and used clock mechanisms?

eBay stocks both brand new and pre-owned clock mechanisms. Note that all clock mechanisms you buy from eBay should work as intended. Brand new parts should feature their original packaging or labels. You should not notice any cosmetic defects on new items. Used mechanisms might feature slight blemishes that are a normal part of daily use. However, these blemishes should be cosmetic only. You might be able to find refurbished clock mechanisms. These parts are used, but also restored to look and operate similarly to a new part.