Remote Controls Replacement Parts

Remote control fireplace replacement parts

There's nothing nicer on a chilly winter evening than the ambient warmth of an electric log fire, emission-free, cosy and safe. And when you can control that fire from the comfort of your chair, it's even better. When your remote control stops working, you can save money by finding the perfect fireplace accessories instead of buying a whole new system. Here on eBay, you'll find remote control fireplace replacement parts for a wide range of electric fireplaces, so you can get back to convenient warmth with the minimal hassle. 

Common remote-control problems

As with any technology, there are things that can go wrong. If your remote control fireplace stops working, there are five common problems to check: batteries, wiring and connections, receiver, power supply and poor installation. Some of these are related and can be resolved with replacement parts, as explained below, but check the batteries first for a quick fix. 

Fireplace remote control receivers

The receiver is the device that receives the signal from the remote control. It is not attached to the remote and needs to be in close proximity to the power supply. If the receiver is damaged, too far away or not installed correctly, it will not receive a clear signal and your remote won't work. 

Replacement receivers, such as the Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS, can be purchased individually and may be compatible with multiple devices. This model, for example, is compatible with all G30 handsets and GV34 or GV 36 gas valves and can be used on a range of fireplaces including Gazco, Magiglo, Trident and Legend. Check the item specifics on the listing to make sure the receiver you buy will work with both your remote handset and your gas valve. 

Other replacement parts for remote control fireplaces

If your receiver is unlikely to be the problem, then there are other replacement parts to consider. A new gas valve (which must be installed by a registered gas engineer), a replacement receiver cable, which connects the receiver to the gas valve, or a new handset if the problem lies with the wiring or buttons.