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Turn on and tune into a huge range of unbeatable audio-visual deals, from surround sound cinema systems to cutting edge 3D TV. Find the latest curved screen TV sets and more. Share your music on your iPod or MP3 player with superb speakers, an amplifier or sound bar or keep it to yourself with top quality headphones. We have equipment for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray; plus everything you need to enjoy the vinyl revival.

Home Theater: Price vs. Quality

High-quality home theatre systems often come with a hefty price tag, but don't let that discourage you from digging a bit deeper into the eBay listings for the perfect system that would suit your price range and your living room. Apart from screen size, the most important detail you'll need to consider is the audio accessories. The best home theatre systems come with wireless Bluetooth surround sound speakers. This makes the installation of your home theatre a lot more straightforward. With wireless, you have the freedom to move each speaker to any location to get that lost-in-sound feeling.

Sound Accessories

Of course, if you're after audio accessories, you'd want to get a nice pair of high-quality headphones as well. Brands like Sony and Panasonic offer great wireless options for the budget-minded. However, if a price tag doesn't stand between you and the true home theatre audio experience, you might want to check out the kind of professional accessories Sennheiser and Audio-Technica are putting out. In the end, though, whether you're watching the digital HD TV on a surround sound speaker setup or playing a new Grand Theft Auto with noise-canceling headphones, it's all about losing yourself in the experience.

Some TVs are Better Than others

There are many digital TVs out there to choose from for the centrepiece of your home theatre system. However, it's not just about the width of the screen; it's also about the availability of good speakers. Are you going to invest more in a wireless subwoofer or high quality soundbars? Choose your home theatre electronics wisely.


What's the difference? Just like an LCD TV, LED TVs use the same LCD technology, but they have different backlighting. LED TVs use small light-emitting diodes that can display better black levels and contrast than an LCD screen is capable of with its inferior CCFL backlight technology. If that's something important to you, consider going for a LED TV.