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The word Magazine comes from the Arabic word for Warehouse and this is truly a great description. A Magazine is a literary warehouse; a collection of articles, adverts and features which target a specific audience, with a specific interest, and provide a wealth of information. Perfect for reading on your commute to work or on a relaxing evening, magazines provide a welcome break from screen-based activities and give us the opportunity to learn something new, broadening our knowledge through sharing other people's experiences and views. Whatever your hobbies, passions or interests, there is likely to be a magazine that fits the bill.

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Magazines are probably one of the most diverse resources that are readily available. To make things easier, you can narrow down your search by category.

Transportation magazines cover news and articles about cars, trains, boats and other methods of transport; Men's and Women's Magazines cover fashion, health, human interest and celebrities; Children's and Young Adult's Magazines offer a range of age-appropriate resources for younger people, also covering fashion, things that are currently trending and popular activities.

These are only a few examples, other popular topics available include Computing, Military, Sports, Crafts, Music and Theatre.

Specialist and Collectible Magazines

Then there are the specialist Magazines, too many to list; from vegan life to practical engineering guides, to treasure hunting. You will find many of these more specialised magazines in the category titled 'other' - xBox, Climbing, graphic novels, comics and Which? Magazine are all frequently listed. Here too, you can find vintage and collectible Magazines such as back editions of 'Jackie', 'Friends Of Ol' Marvel' (FOOM) Magazines from the early 1970s, or 'Mods Magazine' from the 1960s.

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Magazines are a Global resource and the same titles are readily available in many different languages including English, most European languages, Russian, Turkish and Arabic. These are examples only and Magazines are available in many other languages.

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