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Tobacciana and Smoking Supplies

Tobacco smoking has a long history and this can be seen in the vast array of tobacciana and smoking supplies available. Smoking tobacco in cigars, cigarettes and through pipes has been entrenched throughout all classes of western and eastern cultures for centuries. This long heritage has left the modern world with an array of rare and unusual collectibles and smoking devices.

Much tobacco and smoking memorabilia dates to a time when smoking was considered classy and fashionable. In those days, the cigarette, cigar and smoking paraphernalia you chose was an indication of your character and social class.

Pipe smoking particularly, was considered to add gravitas to a gentleman's look and there was a trend to personalise the pipe style. Pipe smoking supplies, particularly the pipes themselves, can be works of art handcrafted from wood, or cast from iron, into decorative shapes, with fascinating embellishments.

Other smoking products include tobacciana rolling papers filters , tobacco tins or boxes , rolling machines, cigarette cases, cigarette holders, classic cigars boxes and many more collectables due to their age. There is also a whole range of glass tobacciana , which includes all tobacco products from ashtrays, lighters, to the electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies.

E-cigarettes and vaping

In modern times, e-cigarettes have grown significantly in popularity and now can be found in sets or individual products. E-cigarettes are an electronic smoking product that is thought to have less impact on a person's health than cigar or cigarette smoking for example.

Vaping on the other hand is similar to an e-cigarette, however works through inhaling and exhaling the water vapour produced by the electronic device. You can get a range of vaping products that can change the flavour and strength of the liquid you inhale. With this product you'll need to look at getting the appropriate e-liquid for it to work.