Fishing Equipment

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Fishing Equipment

A huge choice of fishing equipment is available on eBay for both amateur and competitive anglers. Items include general anglers equipment, tackle, rods, baits, lures and flies and lines and leaders to clothes, shoes and accessories, high tech gadgets and fishing boats. Fishing equipment can be purchased for all types of fishing including coarse, fly, ice and saltwater fishing and to suit every type of fishing technique.

Angling Equipment

Angling equipment can be purchased in many different forms from angling basics such as tackle boxes and bags, nets and bait boxes to bivvies, shelters and umbrellas, rod rests and bite alarms perfect for coarse fishing for larger fish such as carp or salmon.

Rod and reel combo kits are a great introduction to the sport and can be purchased as complete fishing kits for beginners. These kits include quality tackle sets and telescopic landing nets, rod rest and catapult to get you started or to use as an addition to your existing tackle.

Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are available in many different lengths and weights suitable for both beginner casters and experienced anglers. Terminal tackle such as hooks, leaders, swivels, sinkers and lures can be attached to the end of your line.

Many lightweight carbon fibre fly rods have a powerful casting action and include an artificial “fly” to lure fish. Versatile spinning rods take longer to set up, however, they will catch almost any type of fish.

Fishing poles are an alternative to conventional rod and reel fishing and has become popular method suitable for ponds, lakes, rivers and canals. Feeder and picker rods are specialist rods designed to catch specific fish such as carp, barbell or bream and make excellent choices for experienced anglers.

Fish Finders

High tech fishfinders and GPS gadgets use wireless and smart technologies compatible with iOS and Android operating systems to use sonar to indicate both the distance and depth of any fish.