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Bird Baths, Feeders and Tables

Bird baths, feeders and tables are designed to ensure your feathery friends have access to food all year round. There are a wide variety of different types and styles of bird feeders, tables and houses to choose from.

Difference between bird baths, feeders and tables

The bird house is a box shaped unit that is typically made from wood. The house is used as a nesting place for birds in the garden. Some styles are minimalist and simple in design. Other styles are elaborately decorated and look like mini dollhouses.

Compact in size, the nest box is primarily designed for nesting. The slimline bird box usually has a small hole or opening to allow the nesting bird to come and go as they please. The box is designed to hang on a tree or wall. Some styles can be attached to a window so that you can view inside.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the bird bath can be used to provide water or as an alternative feeding option. Traditional style bird baths are heavy ornamental features that are usually made of stone, iron or metal.

Usually made in a cylindrical shape, the feeder typically has a metal cage and plastic or metal ends. The feeder is designed to be filled up with nuts or fat balls and hung up on a hook. Some feeding station designs consist of a ground spike with hanging feeder and watering attachments.

Bird tables are traditionally made from wood and provide a resting and feeding place for multiple birds.

Different types of materials for bird baths, feeders and tables

Stone is traditionally used for heavy ornamental bird baths. Natural wood bird feeders are a popular choice as it doesn't look out of place in your garden

Metal is a hardwearing option and is typically used in the construction of feeders. Lightweight plastic feeders are available in a wide range of different styles.

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