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Sports Memorabilia for You

Where were you when England won the cup or gold or silver medal? It doesn't matter what the prize is, but having a little piece of sports memorabilia, with or without a certificate, can give you a warm memory of the game.

Personalised gifts/ sports memorabilia for loved ones (or yourself!)

On the lookout for a uniquely personalised present for Father's Day or a treat for yourself just because? We've got you covered with our huge range of personalised sports collectables on eBay, including A1 sporting memorabilia.

If you or someone you love is into all things sports, a personalised gift or signed memorabilia is a great way to receive something completely unique and meaningful. 

Personalised sports memorabilia comes in all shapes and forms. Award them for being great with a personalised trophy or ball, or for that extra special touch, why not make a mug that celebrates a favourite football team?

Going For Gold

The modern Olympics is the greatest global event in sport and the biggest peacetime mobilisation of people. Just think, people from countries all over the world converge on the same small corner of the globe for three weeks with the sole purpose of achieving sporting excellence. The friendships that they make over this friendly clash of cultures are a wonderful side product.

Authentic Olympic memorabilia like vintage photographs or Olympic gear like jerseys and logo t-shirts can transport you back to Barcelona, Los Angeles or even London 2012. It doesn't matter if you were there or not – this is a great way to be a part of it all.

Football Fans

Football is an incredibly popular sport worldwide, from Australia to Zimbabwe. Football memorabilia comes from all over the world, and you can spot items from your favourite teams at an excellent price, whether it's signed football shirts or Liverpool memorabilia. Tune into your team colours and browse the extensive ranges available.

A Sporting Chance

Some sports are more popular overseas than in England, but that doesn't mean that the most unusual sports don't have a home on eBay. Sporting memorabilia comes from all kinds of sports, from NHL hockey to American baseball.

It's not important for collectors to necessarily own an item associated with the winner. Sometimes, for a true fan, the real champions are the losing team, even if it's England because what is important is the memory of the game itself.

So put your team pride on display with Cincinnati Reds collectables, including authentic bats and baseballs or add to your collection by showcasing the unbeatable style of the New York giants.

Boxing Power

The appeal of boxing resides in the simplicity of the fight. Boxing is beautifully stripped-down, leaving the boxers in an almost primal state of sporting beauty while fighting an elaborate dance of swift evasion and cunning strategy until the final knockout punch.