Costume Earrings

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Costume Earrings

The range of modern and stylish costume earrings is wide and varied. These versatile and elegant accessories are available in both pierced and unpierced styles.

Different types of costume earrings

Stud costume earrings are a very popular style. The earrings are designed to sit close on the earlobe. Some contemporary designs feature an adjustable piece that extends the use of the stud and transforms it into a dangle earring.

Cuff costume earrings are a modern variation of the classic stud. The earrings typically feature a metal piece that extends up the earlobe or around the edge of the ear.

Hoop costume earrings are available in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes. Many small stud hoops are embellished with sparkling crystals and gemstones. Larger hoops tend to feature plain bands of metal. Decorative Creole style designs are also available.

Drop and dangle costume earrings are available in a selection of shapes, sizes and styles. These earrings hang below the earlobe and often feature a combination of decorative embellishments.

Chandelier costume earrings are typically long in length and feature elaborate detail and embellishments. Many styles feature a stud or clip attachment with shaped dangling chandelier piece. Most chandelier earrings are encrusted with beads, rhinestones, diamante and pearls.

Clip-on costume earrings are designed for wearers who do not have pierced ears. The clip-on style costume earrings are available in stud, hoop and dangle options.

Metal variations of costume earrings

Yellow gold filled costume earrings comprise of a thick layer of solid gold that is bonded to stainless steel or silver. Silver plated costume earrings are made from metal that is covered with a thin layer of silver.

Stainless steel is sometimes used to make modern pieces of costume jewellery. The steel is also used as base for bonding a plated metal finish. Yellow gold plated costume earrings are made from metal that is covered with a thin layer of gold.

Popular embellishment options of costume earrings

Many costume earrings that have a decorative detail typically favour crystal rhinestones. The crystals are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, and provide a versatile embellishment option for all styles of costume earrings. Glossy enamel is generally used to enhance parts of costume earrings, and is often used alongside rhinestones.

Cut out metal shapes are used to add decorative detail to vintage and modern style costume earrings. Bevelled and engraved embellishments are sometimes used to add decorative detail to plain hoops.