Garden Ornaments

Garden Ornaments

For centuries, statues and garden ornaments have been used to enhance and decorate gardens and grounds. From bird births to sundials and water fountains, garden ornaments enhance the design of a garden and add extra personality to it. The type of garden ornaments you choose has a definite influence on the ambience and feel of your garden and can ultimately influence how relaxed you feel in the comfort of your own garden.

Garden ornaments can add interest to an area and provide contrast to the surroundings but you should be realistic about the size of garden ornaments you purchase because they can look out of place if the ornaments do not fit in your chosen area.

Determining the Types of Garden Ornaments to Use

Before picking the first garden ornament that catches your eye, consider the size of your garden and where you want the focus of your garden to be. Choosing a garden ornament that blends in with your plants and shrubs is essential for the harmony of your garden. Garden ornaments should draw the eye and not make the garden feel cluttered, but above all, they should be items that you yourself want to look at, whether it is a Greek goddess, a birdbath or garden gnome appearing from the shrubbery.

Garden ornaments can be small and plain, large and grand or modern and abstract. If your garden has a theme, then your choice of garden ornaments becomes a bit easier. Classical garden ornaments provide a sophisticated style to the garden, while Oriental ones add to the oasis of tranquillity.

Bird baths and bird feeders are popular garden ornaments, bringing elegance and practicality by encouraging wildlife and presenting a peaceful and natural environment. Sundials also bring a practical and decorative aesthetic feel to the garden. Statues and sculptures bring character to a garden, as do wind chimes.

The most versatile of garden ornaments, however, are pots, which are available in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to combine exotic flowers and plants with beautifully crafted containers.