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Make your bed as comfortable as possible with home bedding sets. Bed linens and sets offer matching styles for your duvet and pillows, blankets add a soft layer to your room whilst pillows add some extra luxury to your bed. Whatever you're after, from hypoallergenic duvets to soft, sexy satin sheets, there's something for every home. 

Bed linens and sets

Decorate your bed with a set of stylish bed linens. Add some subtle style with a set of plain coloured linens, perfect for matching with the colours in your bedroom, or choose a set decorated with heart motifs for some feminine charm. 

Match your black bed with a black duvet cover and matching pillowcases. A gemstone print adds some luxury whilst the dark tone works well in any home. For something truly eye-catching, choose a Kruger bed set featuring patchwork animal print patterns. The bright purple and pink colours stand out and are highlighted by black squares, zebra and cheetah print patches. 

Satin bed sheets add luxury to your bedroom. The shiny material stands out and is lightweight, perfect for hot summer nights. Choose a set of satin linens in white, red or classic black to pair with your style of interior decor. 


Great for laying atop your bed or keeping tucked away in case of cold weather, bed blankets are all-purpose pieces of pure comfort. Layer a folded tartan fleece over the top of your duvet for some traditional charm, or choose a faux fur blanket for contemporary style. 

Choose thick, warm blankets in a range of bright and subtle colours, from pale greens to bright pinks. 

Pillows and pillowcases

Get yourself a set of two pillows if you're looking to kit out your new bed. Or you can decorate your already finished room with a V-shaped pillow for added support and comfort. 

Add an updated style to your old pillows with a brand new pillowcase. Choose colours to match your bedding for a subtle style or those that contrast with your room for something more striking.