Steam Toys

Steam Toys

Steam toys are usually much sought after by specialist collectors and are commonly available as engines and locomotives. There is also a wide range of accessories and parts available for the hobbyist builder here on eBay. Many steam toys can be purchased pre-assembled or with kit built or kit unbuilt and are available in new or second-hand condition.

Miniature Classics

Since the late 1800’s toy steam engines have captivated children and adults alike. Between 1890-1930 can be seen as the ‘golden age’ of live steam engine models, with a lot of production coming from Germany. At around 1900 production increased yet further and continued up until the end of the 30s.

Steam toys are manufactured by notable quality brands such as Hornby, Mamod and Wilesco. Railway enthusiasts will particularly appreciate scaled down replicas of celebrated locomotives such as the Flying Scotsman or Stephenson’s Rocket.

Build Your Own

For a lot of serious enthusiasts creating steam toys ‘from scratch’ can be a real labour of love and many engines and locomotives can also be purchased scratch built. This means that the scale model has already been built from scratch from raw materials, rather than a commercial kit or through buying it pre-assembled.

If you have a project planned and you intend to refurbish an existing model or wish to build your replica model from the ground up there is a wide range of spare parts available including bolts, tyres, boiler parts, vacuum pumps and safety valves.

Within the steam toy categories are various model types such as live steam locomotives, steamrollers, steam boilers and steam traction engines. Sturdy steamrollers are powered using solid fuel tablets and feature all the engineering you would expect including brass boiler, water gauge, safety valve, reversing lever and a pull-chain steam whistle for realistic sound.

Steam traction engines and live steam locomotives are also available as live steam train sets for indoor or outdoor use that come complete with track and make great starter sets for entry-level hobbyists.