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Overseas Properties for Sale

Find the perfect property overseas from our worldwide collection. Whether you’re looking for investment, a holiday home, or just the perfect rental for a bargain; we’ve got villas, cottages, farmhouses and apartments in all the coolest holiday hotspots. Hit the beach, take in the culture of a city, or get away from it all in the countryside; the choice is yours.

Many Properties for Sale

Have you dreamt about purchasing a house in France, a villa in Spain, a cottage in Romania or a seaside apartment in Bulgaria? That's no surprise, thousands of UK residents who have at one point been enamoured by another country have considered the very same thing. Feels wonderful to be able to spend more time in sunny weather, in your home away from it all. Another factor that helps your decision is the favourable international currency rate overseas. Popular holiday places like Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Panama and the Philippines have enjoyed considerable number of real estate buyers coming from the UK. Even more affluent places like Monaco and Switzerland have become popular with UK-based estate agents.

Some Tips

When buying overseas property, consider a few important factors. Make sure that it is located in an easily accessible area, preferably one popular with tourists (when you invest in a buy-to-let property). Remember to take into account when the holiday season starts and ends. Many tourist destinations are fun during the busy months but are completely shut down the rest of the year. But those are just one-time headaches you have to deal with. It's all worth it at the end when you have your Margarita cocktail on the terrace of your villa in Costa Blanca.

International Real Estate Decisions

Sometimes it's difficult to settle on a particular foreign country. For example, both Spain and France (and hey, come to think of it, even the U.S.) have a lot going for them. So how do you pick where to buy property? Real estate ownership is one of the most important decisions in life and must be considered carefully. It helps if you have a clear perspective on your financial situation, currently and in the future.