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Accessorising your outfit with elegant and eye-catching costume jewellery, a simple and affordable way to transform your look and make you stand out from the crowd. There is a special piece to suit every taste and occasion including vintage, modern and traditional jewellery, as well as pretty delicate styles from popular jewellers.

For the lady who feels naked without her earrings or the man or woman who love to use jewellery to express their style, there is plenty of choice in costume jewellery. Unlike fine jewellery, costume pieces are not made with precious materials but can look equally as stunning without breaking the bank. Every type of jewellery imaginable can be found including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, alongside also toe rings, anklets, and charm bracelets.

Choker necklaces are a popular choice for those who like a retro look and can be found in a variety of styles. Black stretch ribbon or leather is ideal to accessorize a gothic or steampunk outfit or turn up the glamour with chokers made out of glittery rhinestones. A romantic gesture can be made with a sterling silver double heart necklace for women which combines a chunky chain with a glittery pendant.

Elegant earrings of all types can be found among costume jewellery including studs, hoops and dangles. Guapa Jewellery has produced studs and dangle earrings for all tastes including heart, butterfly, star or flower-shaped studs, or teardrop, leaf and bar dangle earrings.

Elegant sterling silver rings can be found in a choice of styles including infinity, bubble, flat and woven plait. Charm bracelets are ever popular and there are plenty to choose from, such as snake chain charm bracelets for Murano beads, a sterling silver chain which comes with 13 silver charms or hard to find Pandora charms to add to your favourite bracelet. Among other bracelets which can be found are new age wristbands and eye-catching amber bracelets.