Aircraft Parts & Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Aircraft Parts and Accessories

Just like other vehicles, airplanes often need replacement parts. Whether you’re a pilot or you’re simply rebuilding a vintage plane, finding aircraft parts for sale can help you get the job done. On eBay, you can easily find the affordable part that fits your craft’s make and model.

Types of aircraft parts for sale in the UK

Aircraft parts you can buy on eBay include:

  • Gauges - These parts inform the pilot about the status of crucial systems in the plane. Examples include altimeters, cockpit gauges, airspeed indicators, engine oil gauges, and amp-meters.
  • Headsets and microphones - These units connect to the audio systems in the plane, enabling pilots and passengers to communicate with each other and air-traffic controllers on the ground.
  • Nuts and bolts - These parts hold together the individual pieces of the aircraft. You can find nuts and bolts for almost every part of the plane, from the canopy frame to the inboard hinges.
  • Radios - Radio components make up the communication system of the aircraft.
  • Assorted parts - These items include breakers, insulation, circuit modules, fuel pipes, and propeller blades.
What are some brands that make aircraft parts?

Some of the brands that offer aircraft parts for sale include:

  • Boeing - This brand manufactures a wide variety of small and large aircraft parts, including lights, heating controls, spoilers, and seats.
  • Panavia - This German brand makes military and industrial aircraft; you can find parts including wing panels, jet aircraft components, and speed indicators.
  • Cessna - Cessna has been manufacturing small aircraft since the early 1900s. Parts from this company include vintage and contemporary components.
  • de Havilland - These parts come from a British aircraft manufacturer that operated from 1920 to the 1960s. Many of the parts for de Havilland aircraft are vintage.
  • Rotax - Rotax manufactures aircraft engines. Many Rotax parts are used in small airplanes with gas engines and may be useful for older and newer models.
When is it a good idea to buy vintage scrap aircraft parts for sale in the UK?

If you’re involved in aircraft reclamation in the UK, vintage parts are a key component. Since many older models require specific electronics or configurations, vintage pieces can help you restore the system. When buying used plane parts for sale in the UK, be sure to check that they match your plane’s year, model, and layout. It’s also a good idea to check that each piece is intact, and that any electrical contacts are clean and free of damage.