Musical Instruments & Gear

Get the Instrument You Always Wanted

Whether you are a professional musician or a budding beginner, find just what you’re looking for with our range of musical instruments. From brass to percussion, string to woodwind, choose your ideal instrument from a wide range of new and pre-owned models. Complement your choice with our assortment of musical accessories from sheet music to manuals, amps, microphones and mixers. For those who are part of a band or choir, you’ll find uniforms, stands, ear defenders and more.

Find Your True Instrument

Use eBay to find the instrument you've always dreamed of. Sure, you might own a guitar, but do you own the model you've always pictured yourself holding on stage? You can find your dream guitar on eBay. Do you want to have your piano? If you're a serious piano player, you already know the exact one you want. You don't have to settle for anything less. A piano is for life.

Off the Beaten Path

Are you interested in instruments that are not that popular? We have wind instruments from Indonesia, percussion instruments from Africa, and stringed instruments from Asia. The listings of exotic instruments on eBay include aerophones, chordophones and membranophones. Whatever kind of music style you play, instruments like these will surely add some interesting instrumental parts in your work.

Don't Forget the Accessories

You can also find all kinds of musical accessories, from music stands and metronomes to digital guitar tuners and powerful amplifiers. Do you own several guitars? Why not get a guitar rack stand? Are you a drummer loyal to the Zildjian brand? You can get a cool Zildjian t-shirt and hat combo. How about an original black Fender straw fedora hat for those times when you want to look cool on stage? eBay has it all!

Songbooks and Sheet Music

Would you like to play your favourite piano solos flawlessly? Learn each chord of your favourite vintage songs or opera pieces with the help of songbooks and sheet music you can find on eBay. Play the songs they way their original composer intended!

Bells & Whistles

In case you're looking to add some of that early '80s style to your music, nothing beats the Casio keyboard sound. Highly portable, this piano-style keyboard has very responsive keys and makes it very easy for you to produce a series of 8-bit bleeping tones that take everyone back to the future. Or maybe the rhythm section is more your bag? You can get deals on basses and drums. So, slap that bass and hit that cymbal, and leave the pianos and acoustic instruments behind. At least for a little bit.