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Garden - Patio Furniture, Lawnmowers, BBQs & Sheds
Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, why not deck out your patio with vintage outdoor benches, seasonal flowers, an outdoor grill and a dining table? eBay has listings for all kinds of outdoor furniture for sale.

It's Not All About Furniture
Love gardening? Check out the listings for heavy-duty outdoor equipment such as Honda gardening machinery or Husqvarna Hydrostatic lawn mowers, as well as various kinds of electric hedge cutters and water pumps. You can also find deals on pest control supplies, watering hose wands, lawn sprinklers, outdoor power tools, seeds, even compost for your vegetable garden. Even if you already have all the tools you need for your patio, you can always upgrade to something more high-tech. Are you truly happy with your old two wheel lawn mower, the one that you have to push around all the time? What fun is that? Wouldn't you rather be riding on a mower with a 420cc engine under the hood? Mowers are supposed to be fun!

Gardening - Nature's Antidepressant
An interesting study about the feel-good power of gardening came out in medical journals recently. Apparently, there is a certain type of bacteria living in the soil that makes us feel happy! It's called M. Vaccae, and it works like this: when we dig into the soil, we inadvertently breathe in some the bacteria. What it does then is to enter our lungs and to react somehow with our brain chemistry, making us feel more energised and less depressed. This theory seems all the more valid when we apply it to what we know of human evolution. The M. Vaccae bacteria is a very effective way for nature to push us into working the soil and plant, thus better ensuring our survival as a species. No wonder so many people enjoy gardening!

Patio Heaters for the Winter
Install an electric patio heater and have a great outdoor dining experience, even during the cold months. A patio heater can provide as much heat as a small camp fire. Heaters are as essential for your backyard as the rest of your lawn furniture.

Grills, Smokers and Roasters
Roasting the perfect chicken or grilling the perfect pork burger is easy with eBay's options for outdoor barbeque appliances. Be it charcoal or wood burning, these top-quality barbeque grills will make cooking up a steak or a seafood platter even more enjoyable. Don't forget to purchase grilling tools and accessories for the full barbeque experience. When you're done with your grill, it can be easily stored on your terrace or in your shed. Just don't leave it on the grass, uncovered. Storage sheds are very suitable for storing your barbeque when not in use.