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Fine Jewellery

A piece of fine jewellery can be special in so many ways. It can hold precious memories, represent an important event in your life, be a way of showing your love for someone, or just provide that much needed touch of luxury in your life.

Jewellery can have sentimental value as well as monetary worth. A woman will always cherish the fine jewellery she wore on her wedding day. Bracelets are often gifted to babies to keep forever when they are born or christened and jewellery is always the perfect present on a landmark birthday or anniversary. Jewellery can have religious significance or just be the ideal way to dress up an outfit on a special occasion.

Fine jewellery comes in many forms, from a necklace , a pair of earrings or a bracelet, to a brooch, pendant, charm or ring . Anklets and headpieces are also popular. Rare antique pieces can be found alongside luxury statement pieces from premium jewellers such as Tiffany and Co. or sets by well-loved contemporary brands such as PANDORA.

There is something for all tastes among fine jewellery with precious gemstones and metals to choose from. Sterling silver is a stylish option for necklaces such as a crucifix cross pendant necklace, a stylish Charles Rennie Mackintosh pendant necklace, or a unisex anchor charm pendant necklace. White gold is a popular choice for a dazzling diamond engagement ring, while yellow gold has a timeless appeal and makes for a beautiful torque style bracelet or Celtic weave ring.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and as no diamond is the same you will always feel special and unique when you wear one. This stone is a popular choice for a dazzling engagement ring or for a pair of sophisticated earrings. Emeralds are ideal for anyone who suits green and rubies are a good choice for those who love red.

Pearls have a vintage appeal and are popular for their iridescent sheen and variety of colours. The most popular colour for a set of pearls is white and more recently black pearls have become fashionable. Other colour tints include pink, blue, champagne, green and purple. A set of vintage pearl earrings set in yellow gold brings a touch of class and style, while pearls make attractive pendants on gold and sterling silver chains. A faux pearl necklace will have the same sophisticated appearance as the real thing.

Sapphires, garnets, amber, amethyst and topaz are also popular stones, while rose gold has boomed in popularity in recent years and looks both modern and pretty when worn.