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Business, Office & Industrial

Find all the building materials, industrial tools and power tools you need to complete any building or DIY task. Electrical and test equipment will keep any site safe, and our range of dust extractors and industrial vacuums will keep the air fresh and clean. Kit out your tool box or shed with hand tools including spanners, screwdrivers and saws in case anything needs a quick fix.

Industrial Supplies

Choose between popular leading brand MRO solutions and protective safety gear. Find a selection of HVAC tool supplies or get deals on bulk industrial-strength adhesives. Browse our sections on industrial fire protection and material handling accessories. Need some pumps and magnets? We have those too. Don’t forget the cleaning equipment and supplies, as well. And what is an office environment without added security? Check out our security equipment section.

For Your Business and Home Office

Browse our Office Supplies section as well. Find everything for your business, from stationery items like pencils and yellow pads to electronics like printers and overhead projectors. From deals on the vinyl, cutting plotters to high-pressure heat presses. From packaging machines for your printing business to filing cabinet deals for your home office. Buy in bulk the frequently used office accessories like address labels, postal mailing bags and air-filled cushioning pads. Speaking of postage supplies, we also have listings for packing paper, packing tape, and packing peanuts. And don’t forget the postal scales for making sure all your packages are definitely within the weight limit.

eBay offers deals on basic office supplies and accessories as well: scissors, staplers, pens, etc. And while you’re at it, why not order that luxury executive office chair for yourself? Go on; you know you deserve it.

Power Tools 'R' Us

Feel the power with home improvement power tools, such as saws, drills, grinders, and sanders. As long as you have enough storage space in the shed, eBay has the power tools to fill it. Various businesses selling such tools are currently holding auctions on eBay. Any power tools you need, you can find here. So, pick your distributor and power up!

Moving your Company Office Soon?

eBay offers all kinds and sizes of moving boxes and special bubble wrap for fragile office equipment. These box containers are made of heavy-duty materials and are perfect for shipping delicate electronic devices to your new location intact. Even a delicate LCD screen can be shipped safely without its original packaging.