Theme Park Tickets

Theme Park Tickets

Sometimes plans fall through, but that just means a wide range of theme park tickets become available to purchase. Theme parks are perfect for family holidays or a fun day out with friends. They offer excitement and joy. When thinking about which theme park to buy tickets for, it is important to consider the following details: time, place and offered features. If going as a family, it is also worth checking if the preferred theme park is suitable for children. If going with friends, ensure that the park you choose has the rides and activities catered to an adult.

Where the theme park is based may be a factor to consider, as it would be no good getting a day ticket to a theme park you have to travel hours to get to. Some tickets are for a single trip, whereas others will get you in for an entire week.

Offered Theme Parks

There are tickets available for the following theme parks: Alton Towers, Chessington, Disneyland Paris, Drayton Manor, LEGOLAND, Shreks Adventure, Thorpe Park, Warwick Castle and more.

Each park has a variety of activities to choose from and themed events for each calendar holiday. As an example, Disneyland Paris changes into a version of a winter wonderland during the Christmas period. When buying tickets for these themed events, be sure to get them early as they sell out quickly.

Types of Theme Parks

People associate theme parks with roller coasters. However, there are many varying types of theme parks that cater to all desires.

Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are two popular theme parks in the United Kingdom that offer both roller coasters as well arcades. They often have themed nights depending on the date. For example, Thorpe Park sells ‘Fright Night tickets every Halloween as the park is transformed into a spooky land of rides and jump scares.

Chessington, Drayton Manor, Shreks Adventure, Warwick Castle and Disneyland Paris are all predominantly for children, though many teenagers and adults still enjoy going to Disneyland Paris today. They offer a wide selection of activities to take part in, from Sea Life to daily shows.