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Cosmetics can cost a fortune on the High Street, but we’ve got everything you need to look your best right here, whatever your budget. From age-defying foundation to the latest lipstick colours, from luxury lash mascara to a massive range of eyeshadow shades, you'll have the perfect makeup collection. Plus, there's a huge choice of professional makeup tools and accessories including makeup brushes and sponges to help you create that flawless look every time.

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Explore all the cosmetics your heart could desire. Shop all the best products for eyes and tailor your eye makeup to you: browse brands such as Charlotte Tilbury that tailor products to your eye colour to get your eyeshadow collection going. Find the perfect waterproof mascara for those swimming days. Master that smoky eye or Bardot's eye look with kohl eyeliner pencils, liquid and gel eyeliners, and eye shadow kits and sets. All eyes are on you.

Making your skin look flawless has never been so easy: whatever your skin tone, or skin type, you'll be able to match makeup products to your skin perfectly. Shop All Face and find the essentials you need, whether it be a Body Shop BB cream, Bobbi Brown concealer, Bare Minerals anti-aging and SPF powder, Anastasia face palettes and contour kit, or Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat highlighter and Esteé Lauder bronzer.

Lip Service: give your lips the TLC they need, and shop all the shades and all the types, including lip primer, lip pencil, lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm. Either buy a one-off, or check out the kits and sets, and if you end up buying them all - our lips are sealed!

Tools of the Trade

Become an expert in makeup and browse through all the latest in new makeup tools and accessories to make your collection one of envy. Shop our best sellers, including Maybelline and Lancôme, and find all the particulars: eyelash curlers, foundation brushes and sponges, applicators, and even nail polish and manicure sets to make sure you get the perfect nails. Get your eye makeup on top form, not just with the perfect liquid eyeliner and mascara, but find great products in lash conditioner and growth, to add that extra eye-popping extra to your makeup collection.

Similarly, get prepared: stock up on your favourite eye primer, eye cream, smoothing serums, and setting sprays to make sure your makeup products not only create a flawless look but ensures that it stays a flawless look.