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Antiquarian Collectable Books

Antiquarian collectable books that date from pre-1700 to modern times are perfect for reading enjoyment, and also for displaying in a bookcase.

Types of antiquarian collectable books

Collectable books are available in a wide variety of genres. For lovers of the poetic verse there is a selection of limited edition poetry collections.

Illustrated collectable books include classic children's annuals and colourful retro paperback collections , featuring Desmond the dinosaur.

Historical collectable books typically record facts and information about particular locations. Some include military notes and memoirs and are leatherbound.

Classic antique collectable books include hardback copies of stories by popular authors. Choose UK First editions by Roald Dahl , J.R.R. Tolkien, Truman Capote and Stephen King. Complete works in 3 parts are also available.

Rare collectable books include very early Beatrix Potter books that boast unusual features.

Leather bound essays dating back to 1840, and vintage road guides, make interesting reading material. Choose from a wide variety of topics.

Unusual collectable books include a selection of retro guides that feature colour photographs. Some books are ex library copies.

Choosing antiquarian books for display

Many antique books feature elegant leather bound covers that are perfect for showing off in a display case or bookcase. To create an impressive library collection, choose a selection of vintage and antique reading material. Select books that have an authentic aged appearance. A torn or worn cover adds to the collectable charm.

Some large size reference books make a stylish addition to the coffee table. Choose collectable books that have an interesting subject matter, illustrations or photographs.

To create an impressive library display on a shelf or bookcase, choose collectable books that are available in a complete collection and display them in an antique bookcase . Many vintage volume sets have original covers with decorative gilt details.