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 Collecting Music

Bolster your music collection with that elusive missing record or CD. Find every category from pop and rock CDs to jazz and blues records in our extensive range. Choose releases from independent artists to some of the best-selling music of all time on vinyl. It's not all about music, though. Shop for story cassettes to keep the kids amused on a long journey or download audiobooks and music to your mobile device and enjoy them on your commute.

Digital vs. Analogue

In an age of digital streaming, when the relevance of all music performers is measured by the number of plays their biggest track has on iTunes, there's something quite refreshing in holding a real, store-bought LP in your hands. In fact, some collectors on eBay would often pay a hefty price for a rare Black Sabbath title or an unofficial Prince LP.

Collecting Music the Easy Way

Popular music has always inspired a cult-like obsession for collecting in certain people and those people have flocked to eBay auctions of CDs and LPs since the very inception of eBay. Some independent musicians have even used eBay to sell physical copies of their music out to their fans. There's no need for you to go to the store and flip through endless rows of CD cases anymore, is there?

Timing is Everything

There's never been a better time to build up your collection of CDs through eBay. Due to the ubiquitous digital streaming and the recent unexpected interest in vinyl records, people are selling off whole collections of CDs for cheap. One thing is for certain - music will continue to inspire kids and adults alike in becoming completely obsessed with collecting it, and eBay will always be here to provide a cheap and easy way to collect music.

What About Cassette Tapes?

Despite all rumours to the contrary, the CDs didn't kill the audio tape. There's been a recent resurgence of the 1970s phenomenon known as the cassette tape, especially among small underground labels and certain strains of hipsters. eBay is the ideal place to buy cassettes and cassette tape players.

Memorabilia for the True Fan

Sometimes having all the albums, and even most bootleg recordings are not enough. We need to own something special, besides the sound, to show our devotion to our favourite musicians. And that something is memorabilia. Memorabilia is not just posters and badges. Rare photographs, magazine clippings, guitar picks, everything, is valuable and meaningful to the right kind of fan.