Businesses for Sale

There are many great opportunities to set up a business and many different ways to do it too. These include working from home, copying a business, buying an existing business or undertaking a franchise.

Working from home

Probably the simplest and least expensive route to running a business, working from home negates the need to purchase or rent property or buy vehicles and in some cases does not require expenditure on advertising or marketing.

Copying a business

There are many proven business systems and one way to quickly hop into self-employment is to copy an existing and successful business model and offer it, for example, in a location that the business system currently doesn't cover. Opportunities to copy businesses are often supported by literature and other printed guides.

Buying an established business

Buying an established business has many advantages, not least that the purchaser can hit the ground running with an existing customer base. Buying a business is considerably less risky than starting a business from scratch, especially if the business bought is already generating cash flow and profits.


There are two types of franchises. The less common are traditional or product distribution franchises, which focus on the products or services provided by the franchisor. Far more common is the business format franchise, whereby the franchisor provides the franchise not only with a trade name, products and services, but an entire system for operating that business.

Types of businesses for sale

Businesses for sale are categorised into retail, manufacturing, marketing and wholesaling. Internet and web-based businesses also provide a wide choice of opportunities as do other businesses including cleaning, catering, mobile services like pet grooming, bin cleaning and hairdressing, and printing.

Is the business opportunity right for you?

Finally, running a business depends as much on the personality and commitment of its owner as it does on the basic systems by which all businesses run. Before investing in any business opportunity it is always worth taking time to consider whether the particular product or service in question is absolutely right and that the hard work of making the business successful will be enthusiastically undertaken.