Costume Rings

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Make a Statement With Costume Rings

You don't need to splash out serious money for an eye-catching piece of jewellery. Costume rings might look just like the real thing, but they're a cheap and easy way to experiment with different styles. Great for kids, teens, and adults, statement rings can be big and bold or small and subtle, and you'll find a varied selection on eBay.

Creating your own look with costume rings

Costume jewellery rings allow you to flirt with different styles without making a major financial commitment. Create your own signature look and stick to it - or, if you're a fashion chameleon - mix things up regularly by trying new styles.

  • Layer several costume rings on one finger. For this look, it's better to choose fairly simple bands, without large glittery gemstones.
  • Choose a single bold cocktail ring, and wear it with nothing else on your hand to make a statement.
  • Try mixing different types of metal. There's no reason why you can't put silver and gold together to create a funky, unique style.
  • Mix different widths of ring, too. For a fun look, stack a chunky, broad ring with a few thinner ones on the same finger.
Choosing a costume ring for your skin tone

Of course, there are no rules in fashion, but when it comes to dress rings, some guidelines might help you make a choice. Cool skin tones look better with gem stones such as emerald, opal, and amethyst, while warmer tones suit ruby, yellow diamonds, and garnets. The classic white diamond suits everyone, so feel free to sparkle.

Which costume rings look good on different finger sizes?

If you have short, stubby fingers, then a chunky or very wide costume ring can look unbalanced and make them seem even smaller. Try a slender band. Any decorative stones should be elongated vertically, to extend the lines of your fingers. If, on the other hand, you were blessed with long fingers, then feel free to go bad with extravagant cocktail rings and big, bold designs.

What should you consider when choosing midi costume rings?

Midi rings feature two (or more) bands around the finger, connected vertically on the inside. The great news is that these costume rings can be worn by anyone. Again, if you have short fingers, choose a midi ring with slender bands. You may need some practice to get used to wearing a midi ring, as they can feel slightly restrictive at first.