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Militaria Collectibles

Unlike a lot of collectible items, militaria is unique in that every piece tells a story; every medal, every watch, every pin badge belonged to someone in the military and provides a glimpse into their world of bravery and endeavour. Collectors of militaria often see it as a means of preserving a little bit of history.

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Some collectors limit their pieces to a specific service; army, navy, air force, marines or special forces. Shopping by service allows you to narrow your search and focus on your area of particular interest.

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If you are not limited by service, you may prefer to shop by category. Perhaps you are looking for artefacts from World War I, World War II or something older; maybe even ancient/medieval (pre 1500s). In this latter category you will find swords, armour and chainmail; some are authentic, but other pieces will be reproductions and whilst they may not be what collectors are seeking they are perfect for re-enactments, LARP (Live Action Role Play) or casual displays.

Militaria Surplus

In this category, you will also find a range of militaria surplus items. These are not old and collectable, they are current items produced for the militia but released for public sale. If you are looking for camouflaged clothing, hard wearing hiking boots, militia grade rucksacks or camouflage netting and field gear, then here you will find everything to meet your needs all produced to the highest standards for robust outdoor use.

Medals and Ribbons

Perhaps the most touching and collectable of all militaria are medals and ribbons. Choosing from a range of different conflicts, you can purchase medals that provide insight into the bravery and hardship of the service men and women who earned them. World War II Pilot Wings from the Royal Air Force, WW1 Death Plaques (given in commemoration to relatives of service men or women who died in conflict) and a selection of service medals with engraved names can all be purchased and make great collectors items.