TV Video HDMI Cables

Connect Your Multimedia Devices Easily with a Long HDMI Cable

HDMI cables can be found in almost every home or office since they are the cable of choice for audiovisual equipment. They come in a variety of different versions on eBay, and you can even find extra long HDMI cables as well.

Can a long HDMI cable be used with any device?

As long as your devices support HDMI connections, a cable of any length can be used to connect them. HDMI cables come in a few different standard lengths which range from 0.5 meters to 30 meters. Premium HDMI cables are designed to prevent video loss when longer cables are used. Some devices that support long HDMI cable include video projectors, televisions, and computer monitors.

Do long HDMI cables support 4K video resolution?

Yes, long HDMI cables can support 4K video resolution, so you can use them with 4K monitors and televisions. However, it's important to note that only high-speed HDMI cables can support a reliable 4K video transmission.

What are some typical applications for long HDMI cables?

Long HDMI cables can be very useful in many different situations. A few examples are:

  • Multiple Monitors: You can use a long HDMI cable to connect a distant monitor to your PC.
  • Projector: Projectors are often mounted far away from a computer, so a long HDMI cable can be used to bridge this gap.
  • Secondary Television: If you want to send a video signal to more than one television, a long HDMI cable can be used to connect your entertainment system to a television set that's located in a different room.
Can HDMI connection accessories be used with long HDMI cables?

Yes, any connector that can be used with a short HDMI cable can also be used with a long HDMI cable. Examples accessories include:

  • HDMI D to HDMI A Converters: These converters can be used to convert a standard HDMI port into an HDMI D port.
  • 90-180 Degree HDMI Adapters: These adapters can be used to change the angle of an HDMI cable connection. They can be very useful when you need to connect HDMI devices in small spaces.
  • HDMI Couplers: These connectors allow you to connect two HDMI cables together, so you can extend your reach.
  • HDMI Wall Plates: Wall plates allow you to create HDMI wall sockets without the need for unsightly cables.

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