SCART TV Video HDMI Cables

Upgrade Your Entertainment System with a SCART to HDMI Adapter

Enjoy sharp contrast in every image displayed on your video game platform. A SCART to HDMI adapter converts the output of your older system, enhancing the experience you have while playing with friends and family. SCART to HDMI adapters can offer offer several HDMI resolutions, such as 480 pixels and 1080 pixels. Easily affordable from eBay, SCART to HDMI adapters expand the options of home entertainment.

Can you watch old movies on an HDTV via a SCART to HDMI adapter?

Yes. A SCART to HDMI adapter will change the output from your VCR to HDMI. This means you can use it to watch movies on tape on your HDTV. Plug the composite AV cables from your VCR into the input on the adapter, and use an HDMI cable to connect the adapter to your HDTV. As each SCART to HDMI cable adapter may require a slightly different procedure, make sure you refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Can you play video games on an HD projector with a SCART to HDMI adapter?

A SCART to HDMI adapter can bring fresh excitement to your favourite video games. Projectors that use HD can be connected to your old game platform via an adapter. Connect the HDMI output on the adapter to the input of your HD projector This will convert the analogue signal to digital audio and video. The adapter automatically minimises picture noise. This reproduces images that accurately reflect the original settings in each game. Further benefits of using a SCART to HDMI adapter include:

  • Definition: Your standard definition signal from your legacy gaming console will be upgraded to a high-definition 720 pixels signal.
  • Input options: A SCART to HDMI adapter works with PAL and NTSC inputs.
  • Audio: Several adapters use a 3.5mm audio interface. This means you can connect to an audio amplifier and enjoy the sound effects or use your headphones to listen privately.
Can a SCART to HDMI cable adapter work with a 720p TV?

Yes. It also works with 1080 pixels HDMI, so you can use it with that type of TV. The same SCART to HDMI cable adapter can be used with a 720p TV and 1080p TV in your household. Many adapters that are available on eBay come with a switch, ensuring you can change the output mode.

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