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Experience Award-winning Digital Audio with Audiolab

Audiolab is a British audio component company that has been manufacturing award-winning products since the early 1980s. The company produces a range of digital and analogue amplifiers that let users experience music in Hi-Fi quality. You can browse a wide range of new and used Audiolab products on eBay.

Which devices can be connected to Audiolab’s DACs?

Each product in the Audiolab range is unique, they generally feature at least one analogue audio output. Audiolab’s DAC devices are designed to accept input signals from co-axial, USB, and Bluetooth sources, and can be used with most smartphones and computers. For more information on a specific devices output options, you can take a look at the manufacturers website.

Can an Audiolab M-DAC Nano be used with any pair of headphones?

The Audiolab M-DAC Nano has been designed to work with any pair of wired headphones. The small device can be carried around in your pocket and used whenever needed. M-DAC Nano is especially handy for listening to HD audio while travelling.

What benefits can be obtained from using a DAC?

DACs boost the analogue output signal to levels that can be used to drive the speakers found in large audio systems. Most digital media playback devices lack the necessary power to drive large speakers, DACs bridge this gap and provide users with a Hi-Fi audio experience. Using a DAC, especially with older analogue audio systems, increases the general quality of playback from digital sources.

Which products can be found in the Audiolab range?

The product range is comprised of many products, including:

  • 6000 Series: This combined digital/analogue amplifier is capable of driving large loudspeakers and delivers lifelike audio. It can be combined with an external DAC if needed.
  • M-ONE: The M-ONE is an all-in-one amplifier that features both analogue and digital inputs and outputs in a small footprint.
  • M-EAR: These in-ear monitors are designed to deliver realistic sound in most circumstances and feature the same advanced circuitry found in other Audiolab products.
What is a DAC?

DACs are devices that convert binary data into analogue signals that can be used to drive speakers. DACs form part of almost every modern Hi-Fi system and can also be found in devices like computers and smartphones. Audiolab’s wide range of DACs can be used as standalone devices, or as part of a larger audio system.

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