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Improving Home Entertainment With an Onkyo Amplifier

Onkyo produces a broad range of sound enhancing equipment for home use. Whether you are an audiophile or getting your first home amplifier, eBay has various Onkyo amplifiers to meet varying needs. Get a new or used Onkyo amplifier, preamp, or integrated amp for quality sound.

Can you use an iPod on an Onkyo integrated amplifier?

The majority of Onkyo stereo amplifiers allow you to dock an iPod. Some amps from the manufacturer come with a “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” label, confirming that they are designed to be compatible with Apple devices. The user can adjust playback functions using the stereo’s remote controller. The system transports signals in digital form, which makes it possible to use with different personal devices. For example, the TX-8150, TX-NR747, and PR-RZ5100 work with iPods.

Which options do you have when getting a 2-channel Onkyo amplifier?

Amplifiers are structured to work in different modes, depending on the number of channels. The mode of your 2-channel Onkyo amp determines how much power is available for your sound enhancement. The different modes are:

  • Stereo: This is the standard for amplifiers with two channels, which allows it to power two speakers. The signals being directed to the speakers are independent, making it appear as if each speaker has a mono amp.
  • Parallel mode: The amplifier only directs one of the signals to the connected system. An amplifier can be used in a parallel mode to link to an odd number of speakers because you will have the same signal in all outputs.
  • Bridged mode: In this mode, an Onkyo stereo amplifier sends maximum power to the output. The power is usually double that of the system in stereo mode. Amplifiers are often used in bridged mode with subwoofers. Manufacturers provide varying instructions for bridging an amplifier, so check the Onkyo site for details.
How do you match a used Onkyo stereo amplifier to your speakers?

Compatibility is fundamental when looking at an Onkyo amplifier. Firstly, consider the impedance of the speakers so that you can get the appropriate Onkyo amp. Impedance is the electrical resistance and will influence the synergy of the two systems. Check the minimum impedance of the amplifier to know what specs your speakers have to be. Factor in how much power an amplifier will direct into a speaker to gauge its suitability. Manufacturers don’t use standard power ratings for speakers, so check the specific model that you intend to use with the amplifier. Note that power output does not affect volume.

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