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LG TV stands

Put your television in the perfect place with an LG TV stand. These TV stands are designed specifically for LG TVs, acting either as a stand or a bracket fixed to a wall. You'll find a range of different models, from larger stands to hidden wall brackets with space for a soundbar. You're sure to get the perfect TV and home audio accessories right here on eBay. 

Keep the exact model of your LG TV in mind when browsing these stands and mounts, as only compatible parts will fit your TV properly. 

LG TV pedestal stands

LG TV pedestal stands attach to the bottom of your TV to prop it up and offer stability. These are most typically used with an entertainment centre, with the TV sitting on the top surface. 

You'll find a range of style available to match the style of your home, with squared, round or semi-circle TV stands available. They come in various colours too, to complement your TV or entertainment stand. Choose a black stand for something subtle or get a white model for something that stands out. 

LG TV brackets

Or go for an LG TV bracket for something that's hidden and gives you the perfect viewing angle. These are fitted to your wall and allow you to choose the perfect height for your TV. Keep an eye out for models that come with a section for mounting a sound bar for an amazing home cinema experience. 

Go for a wall-mounted bracket with an extendable arm and a swivel function so you can adjust your TV so everyone can see it. Pull the TV out when in use and angle it, then push it flush against the wall when it's turned off to make the most of the space in your home.